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If you’re looking for an affordable dental practice in Kenton, then our private and NHS dentist located nearby in Harrow can help. We are a highly rated dentist offering a wide range of treatments so you can keep your teeth healthy for life.

Dental treatments available at White Star Dental

Preventive dental care

Looking after your teeth means that your overall health will improve, you will spend less time at the dentist and, as a result, keep your dental fees down.

Here’s how we can look after your teeth:

  1. Children’s dentistry to help maintain great dental hygiene for your kids.
  2. Dental hygiene treatments ensuring that your teeth stay clean and healthy.
  3. Bad breath clinic to help anyone with halitosis.
  4. Gum disease treatments and diagnostic measures to ensure you keep your teeth for life.
  5. Decay detection to keep disease down and prevent tooth loss.
  6. Oral cancer screening to ensure that you have an early warning sign of any problem.

Treatments to straighten crooked teeth

It is known that straight teeth are easier to keep clean because you can floss easier between. They also look better and are often healthier. Once we know that your teeth, gums and mouth are in a good condition, we can discuss the possibility of straightening crooked teeth.

Here’s how we can help you straighten crooked teeth:

  1. Almost invisible clear braces.
  2. Rapid orthodontics with the Inman aligner.

Treatments to replace missing teeth

Replacing missing teeth can help support your remaining teeth, as well as prevent further bone loss. There are a variety of ways to replace missing teeth – here’s how we can help you fill in the gaps:

  1. Dentures.
  2. Dental implants.
  3. Dental bridges.

Top rated dentist near Kenton

Our dental practice is located just 1.9 miles from Kenton and is easy to reach by car or public transport.

Travelling by bus

Get on the H19 bus in Kenton at stop K, St Leonards Avenue and travel towards Harrow. Alight at Belmont Circle, stop BQ which is about 3 min walk from our practice.

Reviews of our dental practice

Please see the video of some of our patients who had a great experience at White Star Dental.

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