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The Inman Aligner provides fast braces for the people of Harrow

Do you you have a few front teeth which are crooked or squint?
Perhaps you’d be more confident smile if your front teeth were a little straighter?
It could be that you’ve looked at having adult braces before and decided against the idea as you don’t want to wear orthodontics for a considerable length of time and are concerned about wearing train track braces?
If any of this this sounds like you or if you simply want straighter teeth rapidly then the Inman aligner is certainly an orthodontic treatment worth looking at.


Inman Aligner Features

Straightens front teeth in 4 months

The Benefits of the Inman Aligner

Single appliance only for complete treatment

This Video of the Inman aligner brace shows how the various components work in conjunction with one another to push the teeth in one direction and pull them in another, all parts of the brace work together in order to straighten your teeth in exactly the way you want.

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“Download your free guide to “Everything You Need to Know About Orthodontics Before Starting Treatment””

If you are considering orthodontics then this guide is a must read…


Inman Aligner vs Invisible Braces

If you want to know which type of brace is best viewed then the best thing to do is to go to visit a dentist, perhaps looking for one that offers a free consultation for cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics (our free consultation is to the right of this webpage, please enter your details now).

Generally speaking the Inman aligner is used to straighten front teeth which are crooked, if your back teeth are also not in the correct alignment then it may be that you need some other form of orthodontics. Perhaps an invisible brace.

Invisible braces work by a series of clear aligners, each aligner moves your teeth a small amount and you will replace this clear aligner roughly every two weeks. Because the aligner only works in one direction it has a tendency to take a little longer to work, with treatment times ranging from 12 to 18 months.

The biggest advantage of the Inman aligner is the revolutionary spring system which is more active than the invisible braces and clear aligner type treatments. This active spring system is able to move teeth much faster and reduced treatment time for straightening front teeth to around 12 to 18 weeks. A considerable improvement on invisible braces.

The advantage that invisible braces has over the Inman aligner is exactly that… They are almost invisible. However the Inman aligner is one of the more unobtrusive braces and indeed can also be considered to be a clear type appliance, certainly around the front area of the teeth which is the part that shows the most.


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