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Teeth Grinding & Clenching

Dr Priti Joshi

Priti Joshi

Principal Dentist

BDS UN’Cle (1990), Certificate of Restorative Dentistry Eastman Dental Hospital 1998 GDC Reg. No. 65449

Do you sometimes wake up with a dull headache? Suffer from migraines with no clear cause? Experience sinusitis-like symptoms without an actual infection?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you may be one of millions of people who clench or grind their teeth.

What is Teeth Clenching and Grinding?

Teeth clenching and grinding is a common issue affecting people of all ages. Research indicates that almost all of us will unknowingly grind or clench our teeth at some point. While the exact cause is unknown, factors such as stress, anxiety, lifestyle habits (like alcohol consumption and smoking), and sleep apnoea contribute to this condition.

While the exact cause of clenching and grinding is unknown, factors that contribute to it include stress, anxiety, lifestyle factors (such as alcohol consumption and smoking) and sleep apnoea.

  • Teeth grinding can be a temporary or a chronic problem and causes issues such as: jaw pain, tooth breakage and the erosion of your dental enamel – especially towards the back of your mouth.
  • Clenching occurs when the upper and lower teeth clamp tightly together, exerting pressure on the jawbone and wearing down the teeth’s outer surface over time.
  • Grinding happens when the clenched teeth move backwards and forwards on top of each other. The medical term for both clenching and grinding is bruxism, and most people aren’t even aware they suffer from it.

How Bruxism Affects Your Health?

Headaches and Migraines: The pressure from clamping teeth can trigger headaches and even migraines. This pain can travel from the jaw to other parts of the skull, causing tension-type headaches and sometimes earaches. Often, people don’t connect their headaches or migraines with dental issues.

Sinus Pain: Grinding and clenching can cause sinus or facial pain due to irritation of the sinus lining or bending of the thin bone layers in this area. Many assume their sinus pain is due to an infection when it’s actually caused by the constant pressure on the jawbone.

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Tackling Bruxism at Whitestar Dental

At Whitestar Dental, we often find that patients are unaware of their teeth grinding habits, especially if it happens during sleep. Our most popular treatment is a custom-made mouthguard—a soft, flexible dental appliance that can significantly reduce the impact of clenching on your dental enamel and jawbone, helping you enjoy a better night’s sleep.

While a mouthguard won’t stop grinding altogether, it will mitigate the harmful effects on your dental and physical health. Further investigations into your sleep patterns, relaxation techniques, and stress reduction can also help reduce grinding and clenching.

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