In celebration of delivering pain-free dental treatment to the local Harrow community for 12 years, The Whitehouse Dental Practice has changed its name to The WhiteStar Dental Practice, revealing a new brand identity and inviting local residents to celebrate too with three special offers.

Owner, Dr Priti Joshi, took the decision to change the name as there are several dental practices across the country with the same name; and she wanted to convey a more aspirational experience to patient treatment that the name WhiteStar conveys.

The new identity for the WhiteStar Dental Practice remains very similar to the previous branding, to ensure patients are not confused by a different name and a different look. The practice maintains the same pain-free treatments and friendly service as before, just with its own fresh veneer.

And the best part of all is that Harrow residents can benefit from the following three offers:

  1. Half price teeth whitening – from £250
  2. Free dental health pack worth £10 with your first visit to the Hygienist in November
  3. 10 % off white fillings in November