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Crooked, misshapen or buck teeth can affect anyone’s confidence. They can make you feel self-conscious and wary of meeting new people.

This can be especially problematic if meeting new people is part of your job and face-to-face interactions are an everyday aspect of your professional life.

Regardless of your age, your profession or your lifestyle though your teeth can make a real difference to the way you feel about yourself and, ultimately, how much enjoyment you can get out of life.

The good news is that having a near-perfect row of sparkling white and straight teeth is now very much an achievable and affordable goal for any of us to have. So a personal and perhaps a professional confidence boost could be well within your grasp if you decide to take action.

At Whitestar Dental Practice, we are among the leading smile experts in northwest London and our affordable and effective cosmetic dentistry procedures are offered to patients of all ages.

Tooth straightening and whitening are two of our most popular combinations, especially for those in the business world wanting to give themselves a confidence boost and create the best possible impression when they meet new people.

Fixing a crooked smile

A common misconception held by many dentistry patients is that nothing much can be done to fix their crooked teeth. Either they don’t want a mouth full of metal for two years, cannot afford costly dental veneers or think they are too old to get corrective treatment.

But Whitestar Dental Practice’s resident professionals are expert cosmetic dentists and will do their utmost to achieve that gleaming, straight smile for anyone who wants to make that change.

Orthodontic treatments today can be discrete, take much less time than you think and produce outstanding results.

At Whitestar Dental we offer two types of innovative orthodontic treatments for adults who want straighter teeth and we can achieve all this without the embarrassment of a fixed, visible metal brace.

Invisible Braces

Train tracks, metal brackets and a mouth full of wires and elastic bands… that’s what many people imagine when they think about orthodontic treatments.

At Whitestar Dental though we’ve been able to provide our patients from Harrow and the surrounding areas with orthodontic treatments that are much more discrete and subtle.

We use clear braces that function as transparent positioning trays that gently help move your teeth into altered positions – ideal for anyone with minor tooth misalignments.

Clear orthodontic treatments are generally cheaper than fixed orthodontic appliances and as they are removable they can be taken out before an important business meeting, a big presentation or a client dinner.

Nimro Clear Aligners

Inman Aligner

For people with upper front teeth that protrude to any extent the Inman Aligner can make a significant difference in just four months.

With just one appliance used throughout the treatment, patients can enjoy great results without the severe discomfort of fixed braces.

The Inman Aligner can be removed during those busy moments so you don’t have to worry about anyone noticing the appliance or distracting you when it matters most.

Perfect Smiles

Many patients opt for teeth whitening following their cosmetic straightening treatments to get a dazzling, white smile to complement those straighter teeth.

So why not treat yourself to the smile you’ve always wanted?

To book your consultation or to find out more, contact Whitestar Dental Practice on 020 8427 1800.

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