What are the symptoms and the risks of gum disease?

Do you experience constant bad breath? I know it’s probably not a subject you discuss with your friends or even your family. But if you are suffering with constant bad breath it might not be the toothpaste you are using but you might be suffering with Periodontal or more commonly known as gum disease. Gum […]

National Smile Month

Did you know that 19th May to 19th June 2014 is National Smile Month? Each year the British Dental Health Foundation organise a month’s campaign to help reduce the amount of dental decay and disease in the UK, they have a key message each year which this month includes three basic principles: Brush your teeth […]

A healthy mouth is a healthy body

Research seems to indicate that there is a link between heart disease and gum disease (although there is no indication of any causal link). The exact reasons for this are not entirely known but the fact remains that if you have an unhealthy mouth, statistically you are more likely to have an unhealthy heart. The […]

Dental Myths and Facts

On the BBC Health Check there was a great program about the myths surrounding morning sickness and whether that meant you are having a girl or not. The program was fascinating which led us to think about some of the myths which surround dentistry nowadays. These healthcare myths, including the one about morning sickness and […]