To all our practice patients and visitors

To all our practice patients and visitors We’re aware of the lifting of the remaining COVID-19 restrictions from 19th July 2021. But we still need to act cautiously to stop the spread of the virus. The delta variant is more transmissible, and people visiting this practice may be contagious without knowing it. Many people are […]

Dentistry for students

Are you a student studying or living near Harrow? Perhaps you attend the University of Westminster Harrow campus, Stanmore College, Harrow College or St Dominics College and Salvatorian? Request a student appointment One of the biggest advantages you have over someone older is that you have youth on your side, if you’re studying then you’re […]

Patient Information Oct 2020

Patient Information As of July 2020 we have been safely providing emergency dental treatment for patients and while we are still prioritising dental emergencies and toothache /infections ,we are now also taking bookings for routine dental health checks. There are significant changes to the practice and how we can treat you safely so please bear […]

Your Guide to Mouth Cancer

Oral Cancer can develop in any part of the mouth including the tongue, gums, tonsils, lining of the mouth, lips and upper part of the throat. It is more common in men than women and is rare in people under 40. Early signs of mouth cancer do not cause pain or discomfort but they can […]

The importance of having healthy teeth and gums

Facts Currently Circulating About Periodontal Disease Periodontitis causes permanent, irreversible damage to the bone and gum tissues surrounding the teeth.  If the disease is not arrested, its effects, including lost bone and gum recessions with unsightly spaces and mobility of teeth will remain. If good oral health is re-established, the maintenance of a healthy mouth […]

What are the symptoms and the risks of gum disease?

Do you experience constant bad breath? I know it’s probably not a subject you discuss with your friends or even your family. But if you are suffering with constant bad breath it might not be the toothpaste you are using but you might be suffering with Periodontal or more commonly known as gum disease. Gum […]

Teeth whitening – a brighter smile, a more confident you

Your smile is unique. It is often the first thing a new acquaintance will notice about you, it shows others how you’re feeling and it creates a lasting first impression. But if you are one of many people who feel unhappy about the appearance or colouring of their teeth, you may be less inclined to […]

Teeth whitening is very popular and many people choose to enhance their smile

Types of Whitening When you are looking to lighten your smile, you have many options. Over-the-Counter Methods: These are the cheapest and easiest to use at home form of whitening. These methods can include: Toothpastes: These products strictly whiten and will not bleach your teeth. Whitening toothpastes have a mildly abrasive effect, and some can […]

Think straightening your teeth is difficult and painful? – Think again!

Crooked, misshapen or buck teeth can affect anyone’s confidence. They can make you feel self-conscious and wary of meeting new people. This can be especially problematic if meeting new people is part of your job and face-to-face interactions are an everyday aspect of your professional life. Regardless of your age, your profession or your lifestyle […]

Dental Myths and Facts

On the BBC Health Check there was a great program about the myths surrounding morning sickness and whether that meant you are having a girl or not. The program was fascinating which led us to think about some of the myths which surround dentistry nowadays. These healthcare myths, including the one about morning sickness and […]